Holy sh*t! This is incredible. Ben Affleck took to Twitter today to all but break the interweb with one of the “DC Universe’s biggest cinematic reveals”: Deathstroke will be joining Justice League (JL).

Affleck (somewhat – unofficially) confirmed the news by posting a (cryptic teaser) video of someone in a Deathstroke costume on a set – watch below.

Video Credit: Ben Affleck (Twitter) 

JL is deep into production at this time – wrapping is likely to happen in just a few weeks. This  suggests the footage (which can be seen above) is most likely from the November 2017 movie.

A standalone Batman movie is currently in development with Affleck set to executive produce, write, star and direct himself – so essentially it’s way too soon for that project to be filming.

“Deathstroke has appeared in live-action form before. The mercenary wreaked havoc on CW’s Arrow with the role being played by Manu Bennett at the time. That said, the character hasn’t appeared on the show since the show’s third season.” – comicbook.com


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