… The best thing about it is … No one noticed!

Community creator Dan Harmon was recently revealed to be helping on (Marvel’s) Doctor Strange’s reshoots – a very intelligent Reddit user noticed that he (Harmon) revealed the movie’s secret villain – over a month ago.


Mads Mikkelsen’s Kaecilius (villain) can’t ‘possibly’ be the ultimate threat to Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) – compared to other MCU bad guys, Kaecilius is a *minor sidekick.

*having only appeared in a tiny handful of 50+ years’ worth of Doctor Strange stories.

Bifrost51 pointed out (in Reddit post – see below) a passing moment during the Harmontown podcast from San Diego Comic-Con in July – in which the spoiler – ‘Strange confronts Dormammu’ – flashed up on Harmon’s screen.

“Obviously, spoilers ahead

After the announcement that Dan Harmon would be writing some final scenes of Doctor Strange, there’s some information from the past SDCC that might have revealed that he was working on this already. During the Harmontown Podcast of SDCC, there was a moment where you could see a list of recent documents in Harmon’s computer, somebody recorded this and there’s a split second where you can see this [image below],  ‘Strange Confronts Dormamu’. 


EDIT: Also thanks to /u/jackal_6 : “kaecillus_01_seduction”, “relic room floppy whip scene” and “magical mystery tour” 

There’s also other documents like Community Movie, which still hasn’t been announced or confirmed at all, so this might mean nothing”

Beyond Mordo – who is portrayed by Chiwetel Ejiofor in Doctor Strange – the interdimensional sorcerer Dormammu is undoubtedly Doctor Strange’s greatest foe – having clashed previously.

The details we already know about Strange have revealed that Kaecilius and his followers have been corrupted by dark magic. Could Dormammu be the source of the power? Who knows!


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