UPDATE: StructuralE Offers Statement – read in full below.

“Thanks for your concern! Despite being a little sore, he’s doing just fine today. Regarding the seizures (as I mentioned in my original post) I was unaware of it while it was happening. All I noticed at the time, was his fiance reaching over and putting a hand on his chest. It seemed a little off, but not to the extent that I questioned it.

Based on other comments, I gather that his seizures are of a less violent variety. Anyway, his fiance later explained that she put her hand on his chest to support the upper half of his body, in order to ‘prevent him from hitting his face on a seat in the next row’. My friend (the one who had the seizures) explained that the strobe effect, and the gratuitous use of shaky cam is what did him in. This combination gets especially bad in the second half of the film. 

As I recall, there was no seizure warning prior to the start of the movie. There was however an interview segment following the movie in which Rob Zombie specifically mentions that “this movie would not be for everyone.” We all agreed that the statement was a bit ironic in the context of what had just happened.”

ORIGINAL POST: A moviegoer suffered 2 seizures during a screening of Rob Zombie’s 31. We will now turn it over to Reddit user StructuralE (& friend of moviegoer) to tell us what happened – read in full below.

“One of my friends who has a history of seizures, had two seizures and was apparently ‘fighting off a third one” during the course of the movie. I honestly can’t say why he didn’t leave after the first one (I didn’t find out until after the movie was over) but I can certainly understand this movie triggering seizures. The strobe effect was so intense in a few scenes that I chose to look away because it started to make me feel uncomfortable. So yeah, if you have a history of seizures, probably better to skip 31.”

We have reached out to StructuralE for further comment.The post on Reddit received a number of comments – read a handful below.

Comment 1 – “That strobe effect was INSANE even for my wife and I who don’t get seizures.” – TightBlueSweats

Comment 2 – “Fuck every movie that doesn’t warn about it before, literally takes you 10 seconds in the edit to put a warning in the opening credits before the movie starts. I actually love the strobe effect for the most part but fuck the filmmakers if they don’t warn about it. I really love how the effect was used in movies like Enter The Void and A Field in England (both movies have a warning in the beginning), both movies that I LOVED, but also during both movies I had to look away from the screen for couple seconds during certain sequences if I didn’t want a headache/get nauseous.” white_water [MUST READ]

Comment 3 – “When the strobe scene happened I had to cover my eyes it was so strong, I’m not sensitive to it or anything but I felt my eyes hurting, made that pokemon episode look tame, they really should put an epilepsy warning on the back of the blu ray or mention it in the VOD description cause it could really get someone off guard.” ­- greasy_minge

Comment 4 – “Specifically (potential spoiler alert) the worst scene was the one where where Sex Head was about to attack Roscoe.This is the closest I could find to an image of that scene.” – StructuralE [MUST READ]

We will have more on this story in due course.



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