A wonderful article! Brian Cronin, writing on CBR.com, tells us why Deadpool really lost his bag of guns – three excerpts (taken from article) can be read below.

#1 – “Deadpool lost his gun bag in “Deadpool” because budget cuts forced the filmmakers to cut out the scene where the character used the guns.”

#2 – “Budget had a similar impact on one of this year’s biggest films, the surprise blockbuster “Deadpool,” which saw major scenes and characters altered due to cutbacks, including one of the most memorable sequences in the film, when the Merc With a Mouth loses his bag full of guns right before the climactic battle.”

#3 – “The reduced budget meant making some difficult decisions with the script. One character the filmmakers could not afford was Garrison Kane, Wade “Deadpool” Wilson’s fellow Department H subject who was briefly known as Weapon X.”

Full article [Must Read]: www.cbr.com/movie-legends-revealed-why-deadpool-really-lost-his-bag-of-guns/


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