As you may be aware filming has gone underway for the next instalment in Dreamworks’ Transformers franchise. The fifth film, The Last Knight, has been filmed partly in the UK:In London earlier this month as well as filming in Northumberland and Newcastle-Upon-Tyne this week.

Below is a compilation video from an anonymous member of the public:

Here is another video taken by Tom Hix via Facebook:


Josh Duhamel was spotted while the crew were filming action scenes on Grainger Street – starting at Grey’s Monument and finishing at The Grainger Market. .

There is a London bus with ‘Putney Heath’ on the front, suggesting Newcastle is being used as an alternative to London (where the crew started filming last week) This may be due to the crew filming on nearby locations in Northumberland, as well as budgeting.

The Last Knight follows the theme of Optimus Prime meeting the legendary King Arthur (Once Upon A Time‘s Liam Garrigan). Earlier this week,Mark Wahlberg, Sir Antony Hopkins and director Michael Bay have been reported as being spotted at Alnwick Castle and Bamburgh Beach to shoot the ‘medieval’ parts of the film.

Photo by Ray Barclay via Northumberland Gazette. 

Many other films have been shot at Alnwick Castle in the past for it’s historic ascetic, notably the first two Harry Potter films and Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood.

More details on Transformers: The Last Knight as they come



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