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Angry Birds Sequel Officially Announced – “We Have Started Planning The Sequel”

The Angry Birds Movie will be flying back into cinemas with a sequel. Rove Entertainment announced the sequel Wednesday morning – via WSJ – coming off the first film’s profitable success this year.

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Captain America: Civil War Director Anthony Russo Thinks Spider-Man: Homecoming Could Be Best Spider-Man Film Yet

Captain America: Civil War director Anthony Russo spoke about his faith in Jon Watts upcoming movie Spider-Man: Homecoming.

The upcoming movie will be the first solo Spider-Man movie to take place within the Marvel Cinematic Universe – if Russo is to be believed SMH could be the best Spider-Man movie yet.

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Jared Leto Isn’t Happy With Suicide Squad – But He Hasn’t Watched It Yet

“It would seem film critics aren’t the only ones who are a little unimpressed with Suicide Squad – Jared Leto is now taking aim at how little he actually featured (appeared) in the movie.” – Buzzfeed

Let’s start at the beginning! Leto was unhappy (upset) because many of his scenes had been cut from the movie. In an interview with BBC Radio, Leto described the process as some of his favourite work.

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Chris Hemsworth And Tom Hiddleston Visit Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital – The Photos Will Melt Your Marvel Heart

“Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston proved they’re heroes in real life too – paying a visit to sick children.” – Digital Spy

The duo arrived as Thor and Loki (in character), as they visited Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital in Brisbane, Australia – Hemsworth brought Thor’s mighty (and magical) hammer Mjolnir along.

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Director Joe Carnahan Says Bad Boys 3 Will Be The Strongest Of Trilogy

“When news hit of a third entry in the Bad Boys franchise, Bad Boys For Life, fans of the series were excited to hear that the film would be hitting in June 2017.” –

Even though June 2017 is still some ways’ away, the studio (Sony Pictures) recently announced Bad Boys For Life (Bad Boys 3) was delayed until January 12th, 2018 – “June 2017 wasn’t far enough apparently.”