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Justice League 8-Bit Movie Trailer – Watch

All we need now is Justice League (JL) movie footage! Watch an 8-Bit version of the comic-con trailer for JL in the video right here!

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Captain America: Civil War With Needless Censorship Will Make You Crease

ICYDK: Crease is a slang word for funny (used in the UK)- full definition can be found here.

It’s incredible how (standard) censorship techniques – inserting bleeps over swearing and blurring obscene images – can be funny when mentioned techniques are applied to harmless dialogue & images – altering a scene to appear dirty & more fitting for a movie with an R-rating.

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Tom Holland Visits Children’s Hospital In Spider-Man Suit – Watch

Tom Holland and his Spider-Man: Homecoming co-star Jacob Batalon visited Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (children’s hospital in Atlanta, Georgia) to spend some quality time with the kids.

Excited children and even parents took the chance to take a few selfies with Spider-Man in his new suit as he signed autographs and posed with the happy crowd. Holland follows in the footsteps of his fellow Marvel superhero stars.